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A Love Story ...

Sometimes Our Dream Job Is Inspired By A Unique Moment...

Why did I become a wedding officiant?

This is my story...


My Love Story started when I was just an innocent little girl, with a big crush on a boy! Sounds familiar, I am sure, as so many of us, in our younger years went thru those same emotional growing spells and had a crush on someone in our childhood years. Speaking for myself, it was at the tender age of ten years old, when I professed my love to this boy. My age at the time, was such a great factor, obviously... as he was twenty years old and so it became impossible for me to fulfill that dream of living happily ever after with this boy. I vividly remember him making every effort to not break my innocent spirit... knowing that my crush on him was a childhood memory that I would hold dear to my heart for a lifetime. With his encouraging and tender words, he let me down gently. We sat and talked for some time and then he reached into his pocket, pulled out a quarter, and placed it into my hands. His words to me... that I should call him when I turned 18 yrs old. He did accomplish to leave me with a positive memory of that day, and being so utterly infatuated and in love with the idea of him at that time, I took the quarter, held it tightly between my two hands, and made a wish. Then, I placed that quarter, into my scrapbook alongside a photo of him. The days turned into weeks, and time passed on. As my teenage years evolved, I often would open my memory book and dream of the day I would turn 18 just so I could call him. I still never forgot about his words to me, and my feelings for him, but I was a teenager now... with other experiences and adventures to discover. The years passed, and being a friend of the family, we would often cross paths. Then it happened. OMG... it was my birthday! It was my 18th birthday! The thoughts of him raced thru my head, the words he had told me rang vividly in my ears... "call me when your 18"... and all my childhood crush emotions flooded my mind. But... now... re-thinking about that day, I thought differently. Not about the boy... but about the fact that I put this boy in a hot seat, so-to-speak, when this little pip squeak of a girl came to him and professed her love, and remember at that time he was a 20 year old man, and yet he still took time to delicately let me down, trying so hard not to crush me, and all at the same time, he was probably thinking to himself... omg, how do I get rid of this kid who is obsessed with me... right? and that's why he handed off a quarter to me, hoping I would go buy a bag of candy from the store and leave him I re-assessed and checked in all my emotions... knowing it was an impossible possibility... and I did not call him! Life went on... for each of us in our own directions.... and it was great. I loved. I laughed. I lived. But, as fate would have it, we did cross paths again. This time, the both of us, were mature adults, in our 40's and 50's... our age was not a deterring factor anymore! and low and behold we just happened to both be in a single status! I swear, I felt like a character in a movie, as I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined or predicted what would happen next. It was a surreal experience. What happened, you ask? Well, he was talking to a friend on the phone, a mutual acquaintance, who told him he should give me a call and say hi, and so he did... I answered the phone to a familiar voice who proceed to say to me... you will never in a million years guess who this is... oh, bet your bottom dollar... I guessed who it was... and I was spot on too... I think I might have even surprised him when I guessed it was him. After chatting on the phone and reminiscing about family and mutual youth events, we decided to get together and have an informal meet-up for a cup of java, so we could continue our journey down memory lane. That was the day when all the magic happened. One little get together, lead to another get together and so on, and so on. We became closer and closer. After several years, we took the next step and moved in together. Now remember... we both had lived a fulfilled life prior to our connection, so neither of us felt the need to take our relationship any further than it was, and although we did have a short conversation about marriage... it was not a priority for either of us, and so we chose to commit to just sharing in a wonderful journey of living together. We were both happy with that! Until that faithful day when everything changed. My sweet man surprised me when were away on a small out-of-town getaway that he had planned. The premise for this mini vacay was to attend a family gathering. A reunion of sorts. It was touted as a costume party, so we prepared our outfits, the roaring 20's theme and packed up our bags for a getaway... and off we went. We arrived at our destination... a day early... and with windows down enjoying the beautiful warm breeze, we went sightseeing. Driving through the touristic town, is when we heard the sounds of the helicopter, and it was very close in proximity. Now, I was completely oblivious to some of the following facts, and not knowing he had already had this all planned out, he suggested that we swing by and take a look at the helicopters, and next thing I realized, we were signing up for a helicopter ride. Truth be told, it is a wild experience... if you have never indulged. But this would be an even more memorable excursion for me personally. The sights from above are spectacular and breathtaking. As we toured above the town, a part of our excursion included flying over some waterfalls... and that is when he reached into his pocket... pulled out a ring... and popped that oh so magical question! Asking me... to do him... the honor... of marrying him!

Of course, I was beyond surprised, elated, over the moon, and yes... I did say Yes!

A fairy-tale dream that started as childhood crush developed into a marriage proposal between heaven and earth. 

But wait, that's not the best part... and this is where my newfound passion to become a wedding officiant was sparked! This Amazing Man... now just a few minutes into a new status as Fiancé... admitted to me that he had all the plans and details already arranged... he was so absolutely confident that I would accept his proposal, and say yes to him, that he arranged our wedding for the following day... You see... it was not a family costume party that we were going to attend... no... no... it was our wedding day! Our theme wedding. This was the most perfect news. No stress about planning. No stress about a venue, clothing, cake, food, etc... It was Just the two of us! We got married in the most sweet and quaint venue that I could have ever imagined. Dressed in roaring 20's theme outfits, and it was amazingly perfect in every way. The whole experience was magical and our ceremony was incredibly personal and heartfelt. My Man took care of all the details and planned it perfectly. Witnesses were arranged. Paperwork handled. Photographer. Dinner. You name it... my man took care of it.  After several days of honeymooning, we arrived back home, and straight away I started digging into my keepsake box, and that's when I found it... the magical quarter... I had held onto it for all these years and had kept it safely tucked away. I gave it to my now husband and reminded him of the day he had given it to me so many years ago. I may not have used it to call him when I was 18, as he had asked me to do at the time he gave it to me, but now so many years later, this magical quarter becomes an important token and memory of our love story. Some wishes do come true! Mine did!


So, now you ask... Why did I choose to become a wedding officiant?

My answer is... I Believe In The Magic of Love!

Meet At The Altar

Where The Next Love Story Begins...

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