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My Services

My Main Role
As Your Wedding Officiant
Is To
Meet At The Altar...On Your Wedding Day!

But... before that can happen we need to take care of a few legal requirements...


The Legal Paperwork

Our first few contacts can be handled by phone, emails. 

Part Of My Role, will involve, filing the legal paperwork that is required so you can get married. Both Prior to Your Wedding Day & After The Ceremony.


This will include the preparation and filing of documentation with the Directeur de l'état civil (Le Gouvernement du Québec) 

The Publication of Marriage & Registration of Marriage Declaration.

During our initial contacts by phone and email, I will provide you with the details of documents that will be required from you, in order to fulfill these obligations.

The "Planning" Meeting

Getting to know both of you is important for so many reasons, and what better way than a face to face encounter, or video meeting, whichever is most convenient for you, this meeting will be scheduled for two months before your wedding day, and we will meet for 1-2 hours.


During this meet and greet is where we get a lot of the fine tuning done.

Some formal aspects during this meeting will require me to personally view the original documents that you have already sent to me, ( ie birth certificates etc) I will also need to have contact with a witness of your choice in order to prepare the Publication Notice, which is a mandatory requirement prior to the wedding day. This is a part of the paperwork requirements that I will fulfill as part of my role as your officiant. 

During our meeting I will explain to you the mandatory elements of the ceremony. By Law and the powers vested unto me, during your ceremony, I do have obligations to read to both of you and before witness's the articles of the law, which are the compulsory elements of the ceremony in order to bind you both together in marriage. The other elements include, The Consent, The Declaration and The Signatures.


Then On A Lighter Note...


We will go into more specific details about your vision for the perfect ceremony. The theme of the ceremony.  We will discuss several topics. Are there any special traditions we will incorporate, do you want a religious ceremony, a formal ceremony, or a more casual and relaxed vibe? Do you want to write your own vows? I will give you the floor to exchange your loving words to one another.

Other topics will be: Is someone walking you down the aisle? The music, The rings, Your bridal party, Instructions for your guests after the ceremony, etc...


This Is When The Magic Happens!


A Big Part of this meeting will be "Your Love Story" 

How You Met. How You Got Engaged.


I like to call this a vital element to the process so I can use some of these important elements that you share with me, to incorporate them and give that special touch that you are looking for into your ceremony...

The magic that makes your wedding ceremony so uniquely special and personalized to both of you!

The personal touch that captures the true essence of

Your Personalities, Your Lives & Your Love Story!

One that leaves a lasting memory for Both of You and for your guests.


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